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By-Pass Throttle Valve Addition


Install a valve with excellent throttling capabilities to control flow between the mainline and suction lines due to the station’s required modes of operation.


Defiance Compressor Station

Defiance County, Ohio


ANR Pipeline Company/ El Paso Energy

6357 State Route 66 North

Defiance, Ohio 43512


Project Description:

Addition of new flow control valve with upstream/downstream isolation valves with one valve being equipped with a pneumatic operator for ESD purposes. Project consisted of the following on-site inspection responsibilities:

• Prepare daily progress report.

• Conduct daily tailgate meetings and document the meeting minutes.

• Record man-hours and document personnel and equipment present.

• Oversee daily work activities.

• Schedule radiographic personnel and record radiographic (x-ray) numbers and their locations.

• Resolve any questions/issues.

• Issue hot work permits as needed.

• Gather all D.O.T. related documentation.

• Field redline design drawings.





• Preparation of total project cost.

• Pre-design field verification of existing facilities.

• Preparation of design drawing package.

• Prepare a list of materials required and issue for company procurement.

• Develop Construction Scope of Work and Project Schedule.

• Issue design package for bids, evaluate and offer recommendations.

• Prepare agenda and conduct Contractor’s coordination (pre-job) kick-off meeting.

• Drafting updates incorporating field redlines to reflect as-built condition of the installation.

• Issue drawings to client with hard copy to facility.

• Prepare and issue Project Record File (PRF) book to client.