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Construction Management


Construction Management:

With many years of experience in the field, DJI’s staff also performs construction management and inspection services for its customers in the following disciplines:

• Mechanical

• Electrical

• Electronic/Pneumatic Instrumentation

• Civil/Structural

DJI can also provide its clients with material expediting, witness testing, welding inspection and production of required construction documents.  Our experienced Construction Management Team has proven to provide valued oversight for compliance with customer specifications and regulating requirements.  The team approach ensures that projects will run on schedule, within budget, and with best cost return.  DJI’s Construction Management Team has been recognized in the natural gas industry as a leader in its respective field.

Construction Management Services may include the following:

• Prepare construction schedule

• Prepare agenda, review design drawings and conduct contractor’s coordination

• pre-bid meeting

• Prepare agenda and conduct contractor’s coordination (pre-job) kick-off meeting

• Prepare daily progress report

• Conduct daily tailgate meetings and document the meeting minutes

• Record man-hours and document personnel and equipment present

• Oversee daily work activities

• Schedule radiographic personnel and record radiographic (x-ray numbers and their locations)

• Resolve any questions/issues as they arise

• Issue hot work permits as needed

• Gather all D.O.T. related documentation

• Field redline design drawings to reflect the actual installation

• Prepare field redlines of other areas of the facility that were modified but never documented during non-critical times of construction