DJI and Associates, Inc.
Engineering, Design and Drafting Services

Engineering Services

Material Procurement:

Specification preparation, vendor pre-qualifications, bid preparation and evaluation, purchasing, expediting and shipping coordination.


With many years of experience in design, startup and operation of natural gas facilities, DJI can offer valuable insight and direction to the successful completion of your projects.  This can significantly impact your bottom line of meeting the in-service date and within budget.


DJI can offer training to your company in many areas, including: automation control philosophy, how to perform routine as-builts, drafting standards, etc.



The drafting staff at DJI incorporates extensive quality control measures to assure that the customers delivered product is error free.  Personnel experienced in CADD, CADD overlay and manual drafting are available in all disciplines.  Knowledge of customer standards and expected delivery is thoroughly understood before commencing a project.

Facility Verification & As-Built Services:

Combining a thorough knowledge of natural gas facilities with an understanding of the importance of accurate drawing records, DJI methodically checks all physical facilities, conducts interviews and reviews facility records.  All pertinent information is recorded on a set of prints including dimensions and Bill of Material (BOM) descriptions. Material review includes performing maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) review and pressure ratings of weakest components for compliance to state and federal DOT standards.

Staff Contracting:

DJI provides technical and professional staff, on a contract basis, to work under the direct supervision of the client. Contract services can be provided on an individual or group basis. As part of these services, DJI’s clients typically utilize these services on a full- or part-time basis to fill-in for retiring employees, or during seasonal or peak periods. DJI has also provided contract staff to administer employee payroll, payroll tax and benefit programs for various operating groups.