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Project Experience

Guardian Expansion Project


Modifications were required at the Guardian ANR & Alliance ANR St. John compressor station located in St. John, Indiana for capacity expansion to the Guardian Pipeline Company


Facilities located near Joliet, Illinois and St. John, Indiana


TransCanada/ANR Pipeline Company

717 Texas Ave.

Houston, Texas


Project Description:

Provide Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic/ Pneumatic Instrumentation and Civil/Structural Engineering, Design and Drafting services associated with the Guardian expansion project. Service provided included site visits and discussions with Station Personnel, development of detailed package, preparation of Construction Specifications as well as list of materials required for Owner and Contractor procurement.

Mechanical design services included sizing and installation of an automated 22” mainline valve assembly with automated isolation & pressure control valves, 16” pipeline segments, two 20” automated isolating valves & pressure control valve assemblies at the exiting 42” & 30” loop line #1& #2 taps.